Beaver Valley Central RR
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Beaver Valley Central Railroad

The Beaver Valley is fictitious, it is a subdivision of the Great Northern Railroad. You will see GN trains (steam and Diesel) on a regular basis. There will be the occasional BN, NP and CP trains making the rounds. This is a work in progress, and lots of basic scenery is still being worked on. Hope to get a track diagram done sometime.  Work has started on the next subdivision (yet unnamed), see the work in progress below.  We also belong to the N-Land Empire N-Scaler's club!

The Original Section

Beaver Valley Lake and Station

You can see the lake , parts of the station and Lumber Mill.

The lake is Woodland Scenics EZ-Water, the building kits are from various suppliers.

The Beaver Valley Grain Elevator Complex.

Local wheat farmers ship their grain by rail to various markets.

The elevator is Walthers, the small bins are Rix (Rix elevator is on order), the small elevator is by American Model Builders. The vechiles are Walthers and GHQ.

The road is now tree lined and had a series of Burma Shave signs. 

The Gold Mine.

Gold ore is mined and shipped to a processing facility.

The mine kit is a Campbell Kit.

Moose Gold Flats

Use to be a gold mining town, but now is a tourist attraction.  Don't remember the building manufacturers.  The western ones were kits.

The High Bridge. (Looking for better name) It seems I'm always cleaning dead bugs out of this area, so maybe it should be the Dead Bug Bay Bridge.

Railroad bridge spans a small bay in a larger lake.

Bridge by Micro Engineering with Fine N-Scale Products Piers.

This area is all scenic, but still collects dead bugs.


The Ranch.

Once upon a time this was a dairy farm.   The barn remains from that time.  There are still a few dairy cows around, but now buffalo are the main livestock.

Looking at the yard.

Most of the turnouts are Peco. Backshop and Ice Plant by Walthers. Diesel and steam engine service facilities by Bachmann. Canning plant by Pola.  Power Plant by Con-Cor. 

Yard ballast by Arizona rock and mineral. 

A top down view of the yard.   Not a perfect panoramic view, but better than nothing. Those of you with sharp eyes may be able to find the GN circus train by Micro-Trains, and a hint of the rerun by N-Scale Collector.

The Expansion

Looking from the station area towards the service facilities. 

Bridge - Rix Old Style

Billboard - Scratch built

Location for passenger station and REA and GN freight office. (Buildings have been rearranged since this picture was taken).
  • Bar Mills Forest View B&B from the Idaho Hotel kit
  • DPM Donna's Cookie Factory w/ Bar Mills Reddy Kilowatt sign on top from the Goodnight Mattress Co. kit
  • DPM Hotel from Hilltowne Hotel kit.
  • DPM Bethany Arms Hotel from Wilhelm Mercantile Kit
  • DPM REA Office & GN Freight Office w/ Bar Mills sign on top from Trackside Transfer kit
  • Pink Foam Station w/ Clock Tower (This building to be replaced with a scratch built structure based on the Spokane GN station sometime in the next 10 years...)
  • Aircraft - Opps!  Who left those there...
Location for service facilities.
  • Walthers Backshop x2 joined Front to Back and steel water tank
  • Atlas little trackside structures
  • Walther's Steel Water Tank
  • Downtown Deco Addams Street #1
  • Pikestuff  The Shops and Office and Warehouse
  • Bar Mill's "Bank's Ice Company"
Lumber processing area.


Happy Cow Meats

N-Scale Architect Quality Meat Packers building and Stock Yard.  Modified to use a single siding track instead of two tracks.  The feed barns still need finished.


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